The legendary band Alexander Hacke played in from 1986-1992 have reformed and in April they will record a new album for Mute Records in Detroit.
With Alexander, Simon Bonney and Bronwyn Adams of the original line-up will be part of the current incarnation, as well as David Eugene Edwards (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower), Jim White (The Dirty Three, Cat Power), Troy Gregory (Prong), the keyboarder Matthew Smith and Danielle de Picciotto.

Live dates updated

The live section has been updated with new dates for
Blixa Bargeld in Umeå, Sweeden & Mannheim, Germany and
Alexander Hacke's new project "The Glasshouse" on March 01 2012 in Berlin.
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Soundtrack by Alexander Hacke

Alexander Hacke has composed the score

Produced written and directed by Paul Poet.
Music by Alexander Hacke
... Premiere, Volksbühne Theater, Berlin 19th of January 2012
Hitman's Heel will be performing at the after-show party in the "Roter Salon".


Soundtrack by Alexander Hacke

Alexander Hacke has composed the score

DIRECTOR: Victor Ginzburg.
PRODUCER: Victor Ginzburg, Stanislav Yershov, Aleksei Ryazantsev, Jim Steele, Roger Trilling.
MUSIC: Alexander Hacke, Kaveh Cohen and Micheal Nielsen.

Alexander Hacke's New York City

Alexander Hacke's New York CityAlexander Hacke has released a sound-set for Urs Heckmanns virtual synthesizer - software Zebra which is called "New York City" and consists of 150 sounds dedicated to the big apple and divided in the five boroughs.

The sounds range from weird one shot effects to slow evolving cinematic soundscapes and complete multi layered backing tracks.

The sound set is a 100% copyright free collection of individually programmed artistic patches which can used for film-scores, industrial music, electro dance beats and general experimentation.

They provide an ideal starting point to dive into the complex world of Zebra.

Caution, you must own the software synthesizer in order to work with the sound set.
All available at

Francesco und der Papst

Alexander Hacke has composed the score for the Constantin Production “Francesco und der Papst” a documentation-feature directed by Ciro Cappellari
In cinemas starting 21.04.2011
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EMPIRE ME New Worlds are Happening!

EMPIRE ME New Worlds are Happening!
Austrian Cinema-Director and Author Paul Poet has created a new Docu-Epic about micronations, new communities and counterworlds featuring an Original Music Soundtrack by Einstürzende Neubauten-member Alexander Hacke.

German and Austrian Cinema Release to be expected Autumn 2011.
National Austrian premiere dates at the
DIAGONALE – Filmfestival of Austrian Films in GRAZ, AUSTRIA
25.03.2011 20:30 Cinema Schubert 1
26.03.2011 21:00 Cinema KIZ

Live update

The live section has been updated with the programs for
"AN EVENING WITH......" and Arbeit's Soundscapes in Febuary
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Hitman's Heel

hacke hitmans heel

Alexander Hacke is happy to announce the official release of his new collaboration with Danielle de Picciotto "Hitman's Heel".

"Hitman's Heel" will be released on the 18th of February 2011 in European stores and on the Einstürzende Neubauten Online Store .

Live update

The live section has been updated with details of Alexander Hacke's Tour (Burn Baby Burn) with Hitman's Heel, Julee Cruise.....
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