Alexander Hacke & Danielle de Picciotto

Release Date 
Dec 2014

A film about New York musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer, sound artist, filmmaker and photographer Lary 7.

Production & Sound: Alexander Hacke
Director: Danielle de Picciotto
Editing: Sylvia Steinhaüser

The immense wit and pure outrageousness of Lary 7’s presentations and performances makes each one an unpredictable, sometimes strange event, often with an atmosphere of deliberate absurdity, and where audience expectations are tweaked and toyed with.

Lary 7 — founder of the Plastikville Records label and studio, student of Tony Conrad, Paul Sharits and Hollis Frampton, and a perennial figure of the New York music scene since the early 1980s — is finally seen, heard and celebrated as never before in this film exploration of his important work.

Lary 7 has collaborated with countless music icons for more than three decades: Michael Gira, Tom Verlaine, Jarboe, Foetus, Tony Conrad, Alexander Hacke, Larry Mullins, Dorit Chrysler, Jacob Kirkegaard, Ken Montgomery, Michael Evans and Gordon Monahan.

Not Junk Yet: The Art of Lary 7 features never-before-seen interviews, performances, collaborations and conversations with Lary 7 and his fellow artists on the New York art & music scenes, giving us an intimate glimpse into the modus operandi, working concepts and sound and image experimentations of a man who has survived independent of the music industry for decades — influencing and inspiring all that have met him.

--Vance Whitestone & Jim Sharpe, New York City, 2014

Featuring Interviews with:

Lary 7, Tony Conrad, Fabio Roberti, Bill Bronson, Michael Evans, Jarboe, Lydia Lunch, Jim Sclavunos, Sparks, Matthew Barney, Jim Thirlwell, Gary Ray, Jimi Tenor, Alexander Hacke, Bradley Eros, Gordon Monahan, Laura Kikauka, Dorit Chrysler, Larry Mullins, Jutta Koether