Rudolph Moser - Metronia

Release Date 

ALBUM RELEASE: Februar 20.02.2020
Genre: Experimental / Cinematic / Ambient / Pop
Vinyl and Download
Rudolph Moser, the "instrument maker and composer, musician and sound artist, has
provided many great projects with sound design and music". Probably the most known
as a member of the Einstürzende Neubauten, is now releasing his second official solo
album called METRONIA on the band's own label POTOMAK.
METRONIA is a journey through the sound and music world of Moser, an imaginary
place of longing. In 17 pieces, Moser opens the doors to the private collection of his
musical research and work, right up to islands of the most intimate private moments.
The music on it changes in its diversity from minimalistic motifs to wide sound plateaus
to driving percussion pieces and songs.
The album title METRONIA is a metaphor from metropolis, pulse and meter and
describes a utopian place that is carried by a flowing rhythm. In fact, the starting point
for the title piece was to produce a rhythmically powerful, dynamic track using the
sound material and instruments developed over the years. But not only the musical
level is exciting, optically there are small works of art. A video shows in close-up what
these sounds were actually created with. This gives you an insight into how Moser
works and an idea of what you are currently seeing and hearing.
The album METRONIA is a journey of sound that you should definitely go on ...