Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T.

OTOMAK c 1983 / p 2002


  1. Abfackeln!
  2. Herde
  3. Merle (Die Elektrik)
  4. Zeichnungen des Patienten O.T.
  5. Finger und Zähne
  6. Styropor
  7. Bonus: Wardrobe
  8. Bonus: Blutvergiftung

Originally first published in 1983, this second work consistently continues the direction that the Einstürzende Neubauten had pursued with their debut release “Kollaps” two years before. Cathartic noise cascades and finely-dosed, eruptive noise outbreaks of feverish destruction fantasies are beat from the collective soul by a noise community that proliferated into a permanent ensemble consisting of Blixa Bargeld, F.M. Einheit, N.U. Unruh, Marc Chung and Alexander Hacke. While “Dynasty” was starting to be aired on German television and Kajagoogoo obstinately held the top of the charts with “Too Shy,” the Berlin noise anarchists delivered quite a personal soundtrack about the fall of man and a milestone in the industrial genre that includes songs like “Vanadium-I-Ching,” “Hospitalistische Kinder/Engel der Vernichtung,” “Abfackeln!” and “Armenia”!

Written & composed by

Blixa Bargeld, Mark Chung, Alexander Hacke, FM Einheit, N.U. Unruh.