Haus der Lüge

potomak (c 1989 / p 2002)


  1. A) Fiat Lux
  2. B) Maifestspiele
  3. C) Hirnlogo
  4. Bonus: Feurio! (Remix)
  5. Bonus: Feurio! (Türen offen)
  6. Bonus: Partymucke

Probably the German classic paragon of industrial! It represents the ultimate social acceptance of the unconventional, Neubauten-typical combinations of noise, rhythm and words. “Mittels Druck und Körperwärme wird aus unserer Konfusion eine Kernfusion” – no line of text could better describe the tonal development on the 1989 fifth album “Haus der Lüge” than Blixa Bargeld’s energetic, demanding lyrics in the dance floor oldie “Feurio!,” which is still red-hot today. Songs like “Feurio!” and including all the remixes contained on the album – “Ein Stuhl in der Hölle” or the tripartite sound Moloch “Fiat Lux” – lend “Haus der Lüge” its almost eerie, discreetly morbid momentum and importance, which justify the unprecedented cult status of the Einstürzende Neubauten and make the album into one of the most important of its epoch and definitively into the most important of its genre!

Written & composed by

Blixa Bargeld, Mark Chung, FM Einheit, Alexander Hacke, N.U. Unruh.