musterhaus 2


Limited Edition CD. 2005


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Written & composed by

Jochen Arbeit, Blixa Bargeld, Alexander Hacke, Rudi Moser, N.U. Unruh.


It was not a concert. It was not really music.

When you were upstairs, you couldn’t hear anything at all, but you could see EN clicking away on laptops (and watch Blixa screaming in a microphone). The REAL thing was downstairs. You can see the small room on the photos – maybe 20 people could be there at the same time. Because of ear-protection headsets (or your fingers pressed into ears) it was not about sound. It was about feeling. The massive wave of sound from those speakers (in this small room!) flattened the hairs on the back of my arms and on my head. Sometimes the music came to a DEEP grinding halt. Sometimes Blixa’s voice cut through.

It was not a wall of sound. A wall is something in front of you. You were INSIDE the sound. The very air you were breathing vibrated. The eyes shook in their sockets. I’ve never been attacked like this music.

I don’t know if this sounds funny in a way – it wasn’t. It was incredibly fascinating.

(Thomas K.)