musterhaus 6


Limited Edition CD. 2006


  1. Die Wellen
  2. Kinderladenklavier
  3. Marsch derer die sich wiedernehmen was ihnen sowieso gehoert
  4. Burleske fuer 6 Haende
  5. Emanuelle
  6. Guerilla fuer 2 Pianisten
  7. Virginie
  8. Filmkuss
  9. Die Befindlichkeit des Landes
  10. Katowice

Used to be available for subscribers only! Now everybody can buy the last copies.
Volume 6 in the Musterhaus series, which collects Neubauten releases of an even more experimental nature.

“Das Klavier ist ein sperriges Moebelstück.“
Einstürzende Neubauten and piano? From pre-Neubauten times. In which N.U. and Blixa regularly raided other-people-pianos (see here among others the arrangement of one of Unruh’s raids in the late 70s titled “Kinderladenklavier” [“Kindergarten Piano]), via the first recording of the song “Sehnsucht” on the album Kollaps, to “Ein leichtes, leises Saeuseln”. Just the presence of one in the studio was usually enough of a challenge to build it into a song (“Armenia”) or to define the later inaudible basis of a song (“Silence is sexy”). In a universe of untuneable instruments, a piano is sometimes a savior, sometimes a provocation. This CD contains exclusively piano compostions, with two vocal pieces, that is, songs with piano accompaniment: Blixa Bargeld’s “Die Wellen” [“The Waves”] and Alexander Hacke’s version of Ton Steine Scherben’s Song “Filmkuss” [“Film Kiss”]. Most compositions are played by Ari Benjamin Meyers (* born in 1972 in New York, musical education in piano, conducting, composition at the Julliard School, Yale University and Peabody Conservatory, from Martin Bresnick, Anthony Davis, Jacob Druckman and Leonard Bernstein, etc.) on a Grand Piano in his apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg.

Written & composed by

Jochen Arbeit, Blixa Bargeld, Alexander Hacke, Rudi Moser, N.U. Unruh.