Rudolf Moser

Rudolph Moser - new album METRONIA released on 20.02.2020

Alexander Hacke

Treffpunkt Berlin: Alexander Hacke & Lars Top-Galia

12.Nov 2019

7pm -9pm

Roskilde Bibliotek,  Denmark  

(Dronning Margrethes vej 14 (299.34 mi)
Roskilde, Denmark 4000)

Alexander Hacke from the German Band Einstürzende Neubauten and Lars Top-Galia from the Sort Sol (Official Site) 
will be doing a talk that takes us back to 80s Berlin, when the city was divided by the Iron Curtain.

Through music, video, pictures and rock 'n' roll anecdotes, the two iconic musicians and friends 
will discuss the metropolis, the punk environment, activism and the music.

The conversation will take place in English. The moderator will be the music critic Henrik Queitsch.

The event marks the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. 


Danielle de Picciotto´s new solo album “Deliverance” was produced with Alexander Hacke in his “Studio 65”

Danielle de Picciotto´s new solo album “Deliverance” was produced with Alexander Hacke in his “Studio 65” 

The internationally renown video artist Lillevan has created a beautiful film for the track “Hail” on this album.

The limited edition album is obtainable on and

Video snippet

from the band at work during a live webcast, July 4th

A short video snippet from the live webcast session of July 4th -- band working with everyone on springs.

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Alexander Hacke

Alexander Hacke has produced the new album "Intersubjectivity"  of legendary Finnish band"Cleaning Women"  ,

known for their unusual DIY instruments, in his " Studio 65 ".

The beautiful album which we can highly recommend was released on15th of February 2019 by Svart Records 

with a new video "Leap Of Faith" 


FOTOAUSSTELLUNG Thomas Rabsch. Vernissage 11.1.2019 ab 17Uhr, Cauerstr.17, 10587 Berlin, weitere Termine Freitags, 14-17 Uhr

Alexander Hacke

Traumfänger - Film über Alexander Hacke und Danielle de Picciotto von Margarete Kreuzer



Die lange Reise des Künstlerpaars - Danielle de Piccotto und Alexander Hacke

The beautiful film documentary “Traumfänger, Die Lange Reise des Künstlerpaares Danielle de Picciotto und Alexander Hacke“
by Margarete Kreuzer can still be seen here.
Die wunderschöne Filmdokumentation von Margarete Kreuzer
“Traumfänger, Die Lange Reise des Künstlerpaares Danielle de Picciotto und Alexander Hacke“ kann noch bis nächstes Jahr hier angeschaut werden.


We are happy to announce that hackedepicciotto have composed the film score for the adaption of the best seller "Zersetzt" by Prof. Dr. Michael Tsokos. The true crime thriller will be aired on the 11th of December on SAT.1 German television.
hackedepicciotto haben die Filmmusik für die Adaption des Bestsellers "Zersetzt" von
Prof. Dr. Michael Tsokos komponiert. Der True Crime Thriller wird am 11. Dezember auf SAT.1 im Deutschen Fernsehen ausgestrahlt.


Film by Hermann Vaske, Music by Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld: Why Are We Creative-Filmfestival Venice

music by Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld

Filmdokumentation "Iuventa" mit einem hackedepicciotto Filmscore

Die Filmdokumentation "Iuventa" mit einem hackedepicciotto Filmscore (!)
ist nun Deutschland-weit in Kinos zu sehen und die Aufführungen sind
bisher alle ausverkauft!
Der Film Aufführungen von "Iuventa" finden am 7.August in Berlin
im Kino Central statt und es gibt zwei Vorführungen: um 19:00 und um 20:00 !
The film presentation of "Iuventa" on the 7th of August
will be taking place at the Kino Central in Berlin
at 7 and 8 PM
Der Film ist in jeder Hinsicht außergewöhnlich und politisch sehr brisant.

Alexander Hacke News

Wir freuen uns sehr, ein wunderschönes Musikvideo von
Uli M. Schueppel zu unserem Stück "Dreamcatcher" von unserem Album "Menetekel" vorstellen zu können.
Hier kann man es sehen.
We are very happy to present a beautiful video by legendary
film director Uli M. Schueppel for our song "Dreamcatcher"
of our current album Menetekel.
Please click here to see the wonderful result

hackedepicciotto are touring Australia and New Zealand this summer. They will be presenting their current album "Menetekel" and
Danielle´s new silent movie "Crossroads".
Crossroads marks the end of their seven year nomadic travels and is a recapitulation of the adventures and developments the couple experienced on the road. They will perform a live film-score to the movie compiled of the music they composed during these travels
Two albums produced by Alexander Hacke
in his Studio 65 have just been released:
"Keep Smiling" with BAR
"Where Have All The Wisemen Gone? with "Greetings Sugar "

Zwei von Alexander Hacke in seinem Studio 65
produzierten Alben sind soeben erschienen:
"Keep Smiling" with BAR
"Where Have All The Wisemen Gone? with "Greetings Sugar

Alexander Hacke has recorded a beautiful album with David Eugene Edwards (Wovenhand), titled "Risha" which will be released on the 22nd of June 2018, on Glitterhouse Records in Europe and
Deathwish in the USA
(Artwork by Johannes Beck, Photography by Sylvia Steinhäuser)

"Risha", Alexander Hackes Album mit David Eugene Edwards (Wovenhand) erscheint am 22.Juni auf Glitterhouse Records
(Artwork by Johannes Beck, Photography by Sylvia Steinhäuser)