Rudolph Moser

POTOMAK c&p 2008


  1. Plateau
  2. The Arrival
  3. Mandarin
  4. Baikal
  5. The Red Umbrellas
  6. Scenery
  7. Gold
  8. 3 Juni
  9. Mimi
  10. Anthea
  11. Mercedes
  12. Gib 8 Baby
  13. Dance
  14. Antilope
  15. 360°
  16. Ich

Rudolf Moser presents his first solo album - MOSER. Its 16 instrumental songs are like short story miniatures, whose range of sounds and tones are developed from associative motifs alone, extracted from feathers, a dulcimer, glasses, aluminum pipes, tires, an out of tune e-guitar and a Wurlitzer piano (some of them chased through a distortion pedal, many of them used in their natural states and functions).

The music is transparent – breathes, pulsates and adapts to the heart rate of the listener – grooving to his or her own rhythm. Warm sounds underscore the driving rhythm, while powerful, forceful passages are interspersed again and again by the most intimate private islands full of fragility and love. The sounds come from a world of their own and make for a very personal experience, also when played softly under headphones.

Perhaps this is due to the story of their origin: Rudolf Moser says that he was “thrown into cold water” some time ago by one of his directors, who told him to “Make the music ALONE, because I would be very interested to see what comes to light.” Not only did the film music for “Dare” and “Trouble” come to light, but also the desire to rework the already existing material into a solo album. Moser has singly recorded and produced all the tracks on MOSER, and is now presenting the private collection of his sound explorations.