Torino 012010


Tourette Records


  1. Studio Pt. 1
  2. Studio Pt. 2
  3. Studio Pt. 3
  4. Studio Pt. 4
  5. Studio Pt. 5

Torino 012010 is the second release of a series documenting the collaboration between Jochen Arbeit (guitar player of Die Haut and Einstuerzende Neubauten) Paul Beauchamp and Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (the duo known as Blind Cave Salamander).

This collaboration started as part of Arbeit's “Soundscapes” improvisation live project.
The focus being on the moment of the spontaneous meeting of different systems of soundscaping, the task and challenge of exchanging the results of individual sound research in a public space.

The Torino 012010 double cd release on Tourette Records follows the vinyl only live album Halle 27022010 (released by the German label Behind s.r.b.) and presents two different sessions recorded by the trio in January 2010 in Torino Italy: a studio session at O.F.F. studios reecorded, mixed and edited by producer and sound engineer Marco Milanesio and a recording of a live performance in the historical chapel of the San Pietro In Vincoli ex-cemetery as recorded by Larsen's Paolo Dellapiana and edited by Jochen Arbeit.

Even though this collaboration is an integral part of Blind Cave Salamander's activity and discography the musicians have decided to release these albums under their individual names to emphasize the project's collaborative nature based on improvisation and composing as a real time emotional and musical reaction to each other's inputs/outputs.

Jochen Arbeit : guitar, electronics
Paul Beauchamp : electronics, musical saw
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo : guitar, electric viola